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PhysiotherapyOur physiotherapists at First Choice Chiropractic in Phoenix Arizona, are trained to help patients of all ages struggling with function and/or movement impacted by disease, health conditions, injury, and more. It’s our holistic, drug-free approach aiding your body in recovery and training it to become stronger.

Our Physiotherapies

We have five effective physiotherapies at our clinic: PEMF, electrical muscle stimulation, heat and ice, massage therapy and power plates. We review your health history, listen to your needs, and guide you through an action plan to help you meet your recovery goals.


Standing for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, PEMF is one of the most researched and trusted physiotherapy treatments with over 2000 studies backing its efficacy and safety.

We all have electric currents running through every last cell in our bodies. Health issues often weaken currents, thus disrupt cell signaling. When that happens, the natural healing process slows and sometimes develops dysfunction. PEMF rejuvenates a healthy electric current, empowering your body to heal itself, increase blood flow, and better moderate inflammation.

First Choice Chiropractic is one of just a few clinics in all of Arizona that provide PEMF therapy. We use it to help patients with chronic joint pain, back pain, and to restore range of motion.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Also called e-stim, this painless therapy sends mild electrical pulses to help promote the natural healing process and mitigate pain. It makes your muscles contract repeatedly, which improves blood flow and helps repair injured muscles.

E-stim utilizes electrodes, small sticky pads placed on the skin. The current blocks pain receptors and stimulates the production of pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins.

E-stim intensity varies depending on patient needs so all you feel is a tingling sensation. It’s used to treat many forms of pain, including back, cancer, joint, arthritis inflammation and injury.

Heat & Ice

Heat and/or ice is extremely effective for a wide range of conditions and injuries, and is something patients can follow up with at home. Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flow to the treated area. Cold therapy reduces blood flow to reduce swelling and inflammation. It also provides pain relief by temporarily numbing nerves.

Both therapies have a time and place. We’ll evaluate your health needs to determine which is best to use.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy improves blood oxygen levels and circulation, which means more nutrients reach body tissues. Massage also relieves pain and reduces muscle tension, increases range of motion and flexibility, and helps your body clear out lactic acid and other waste. The combined benefits reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Massage therapy can also help prevent scar tissue from forming, along with break it up. Massage is often used on joints in need of healing, helping restore mobility.

Power Plate Therapy

A power plate is a platform that vibrates while you stand on it, triggering your natural muscle reflexes and causing your muscles to rapidly contract and relax 25-50 times per second. This rapid contraction and relaxation puts your body to work, engaging up to 100% of your muscles.

Power plate therapy stimulates your natural reflexes, increases muscle activation and improves circulation. It’s used for pain relief, improving athletic performance, building strength, and even to help astronauts preserve muscle mass while in space.

Whole-body vibration demonstrates the ability to improve balance and strength, reduce back pain, and reduce bone loss. These carefully calculated vibrations increase blood flow to bones and muscles, which promotes faster healing. Vibration is also believed to stimulate the production of bone building cells called osteoblasts.